There is a beautiful song called “Still” by a group called The Great Lake Swimmers. Throughout the song, a rolling acoustic melody plays out over all the verses with seemingly very little change. It is like a wave that doesn’t seem like it wants to stop. It is unchanging and yet it changes constantly in small ways. These subtle adjustments add layer upon layer to the melody and the words evolve along with it, all while staying similar to their original language.

In the song there is a line which says, “I’m still tuning myself to the great key. I’m still. I’m still”

That hits home for me. Becoming tuned to the great key is no small task. In fact, we bend out of tune so often. Usually it’s in small ways and we can make adjustments. Sometimes those small ways go unseen and we one day find ourselves so out of tune that we can’t seem to play even one note of the song we’re meant to play.

I have heard all my life that God works in mysterious ways. I don’t know if I believe that. I believe we could all, in just a few short sentences, write down what we think we’re supposed to do with our lives and most of us would be correct. Most of us, no matter who we are and where we come from, would be correct in what we wrote down. We know the song. We can feel it when we hear the chords and we can see it when it’s on paper in front of us.  It is just not always easy to play.

When I play music with others, we often tune our instruments together. We do this so that we can all play as one group, adding our own flair to the same song. It’s always interesting that even when I think I’m in tune, I’m not necessarily in tune with someone else who thinks they’re in tune. We’re supposed to help each other. We are uniquely made to help each other.

I am still tuning myself to the great key. It is a constant process but it is a good process.

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