Acoustic Shabbat at Temple Rodef Sholom

I have never spent much time in Waco,TX. It is a town that I’ve driven through many times on the way to some other place but I have never really sat down in Waco. 10 days ago, I was there to do an Acoustic Shabbat with Doug Hoffman and the community at Temple Rodef Sholom. I am so glad that I finally sat down there. What a great community!

Rabbi Laura Harari was very kind to spend a huge chunk of her day with us talking through the service, discussing Judaism, and checking out some great Jewish music. She even broke out her drum and rocked out with us on Lecha Dodi! One of my favorite moments leading up to the service itself is the planning. I loved listening to her walk through the details and stories of the service in their community. In her office was a collage of different youth holding signs saying what they think a Rabbi is. It was really cute and she keeps that picture in one of the most visible places in the room. She was incredibly warm and I hope to work with her again in the future.

Temple Rodef Sholom was a beautiful place. It’s hard to describe but you could really feel the care given to its design. An old building with many years of love poured into it, the space that it creates is almost meditative in nature and seems to nurture reflection.

The service itself was great and the community really poured out their voices. We all made a joyful noise and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to bring in Shabbat with them.  Here are some pictures from the event and I can’t wait until next time!

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