An Evening of Peace

Chavurah Shabbat

I’ve often said that coming to Judaism was like coming home. It is a completed feeling and fills a place that I’ve been trying to fill for a very long time. In the last year there have been so many amazing opportunities to meet others and share music. One special thing that I’ve been blessed to experience is the warmth of a Chavurah.

Recently, I was invited to help bring in Shabbat with a very special group of people. This was actually my second time being among them, the first time was for a presentation I put together on Jewish music. This time, it was to help bring in Shabbat with music and song. They’ve been together for 20 years and and this particular Shabbat was their annual meeting. It is a very close group of people and it was an honor to join them in welcoming the Sabbath bride. Ruach, song, and laughter were all on the evening’s menu.

The circle has grown so much in the last few years and I feel connected to more people than I ever have before. It’s an incredible feeling. It is amazing to meet someone and feel like, in some small way, you know them. It is hard to describe and that is something I never expected to happen. You can’t really prepare for it, especially if you’ve been spiritually adrift for most of your life. We are told to be a light. This faith and its people have been a light to me. I hope to reflect that.

To go seeking truth and along the way find out who you are is a wild experience.

Chavurah Rishonah
Chavurah Rishonah

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