Don’t Worry Be Happy

Don't Worry Be Happy

I read all the time about “choosing to be happy”. It’s hard to think that’s possible when you are in the thick of it sometimes. Happiness is something that we want and I don’t know of anyone who would say that they don’t want to be happy. While happiness may not always seem like a switch you can turn on or off, you can choose to not be consumed by worry. While sometimes we should be legitimately concerned about an outcome – we have to be careful. Worry can be harmful to our health. Worry takes us down paths that usually don’t even exist yet. We dwell, invent, and then respond as if it’s real. I should know. I was the king of it.

Dan Zadra said, “Worry is a misuse of the imagination.” Right on. When we worry, we focus on what might happen as opposed to what is happening. So sticking with that theme, this is my cover of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by the great Bobby McFerrin. There is a beautiful line that says, “when you worry you make it double.” Very true. In fact, I think there is a deep level of genius there. I don’t feel that “Don’t Worry Be Happy” is saying “It’s ok, just choose to be happy.” Not at all. Imagine it more like two sentences. If you choose not to worry, you’ll be happy. Don’t worry. Be happy. Go a bit further and read, “when you worry, your face will frown and that will bring everybody down.” Why? because they are worried about you and what might be going on with you. This song made me feel a little better and I hope it makes you smile.


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