The Hillside


Sometimes songs just happen. I was sitting on my couch, picking at my guitar and working on a new setting to a prayer. My mind wandered and I started thinking about youth. Specifically my own youth. This song just spilled out.

When we look back at our lives, sometimes hard memories can leave a mark on the good ones. Hard times and certain struggles can cast a shadow that moves across even unconnected memories. This came out in the song and I turned to ask my son what he saw. Let me explain. We play a game sometimes where one of us plays a song and the other has to come up with a scene. They have to describe what they see in the music. Might be something funny or something serious. It changes almost constantly and is a pretty cool exercise for the imagination.

So I asked him what he saw and he closed his eyes. He said he imagined a beautiful sunrise and then, the realization that there was a war. This is a song about memory, reflection, and longing. I hope you like it.


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