A Joyful Noise!

Rocking with Sheldon, Abbie, Gary, Dan, Craig, and Shelly!

Shaaaaaaalom! Our Jewcer campaign is live and running! Check out the video below and check out the actual campaign page here:


This album represents so much. I joined the tribe a few years back after a long time of wandering and seeking. With the help of an amazing Rabbi and my incredible family, I found a home that I never knew I had. Judaism changed my life and I want to share that feeling with you.

These songs speak to our people, our culture, and our relationship with Gd. They are songs of joy, reflection, and change. We are loved by an unending love and this music is about that connection. I am blessed to be working with Saul Kaye, an amazing producer and recording artist out of San Francisco, where we’ll be recording the album with a team of talented musicians and engineers.

So take a look at our campaign page in the Jewcer link above. You can donate and get some pretty cool perks or even help share this initiative with your friends on social media. Be a part of bringing this album to life and to the ears of countless people. These are our songs.

We’ll be doing regular updates and videos, so stay tuned and let’s make A Joyful Noise!


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