Crossing the Sea

 The Sea

No challenge is ever without moments of doubt. To have doubt or fear or worry doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable. It doesn’t meant that you’re less than ready. It is simply a moment like any other and if the cause if worthy, you have to keep moving.

As we celebrate Passover this week, we are reminded of our journey from slavery to freedom. We recall the plagues and the crossing of the sea. Can you imagine the moments that led to the great parting of the waters? You were a slave and everything was provided. It was a cruel and horrible life but it was certain. Then you were given a commandment to mark your door with blood and show everyone that you believe in the One Gd and that you will be a slave no more. Your act labeled your entire household and then, when the time was right, you went into the desert with newly freed slaves into uncertainty. Egypt, no longer holding the whip and, now held the sword and chased you with great fury.

Finally, you stood at the sea. The great waters stretched out before you and all who followed Moses saw that there was nowhere left to go. The dust from Pharaoh’s army was a gathering cloud and families huddled together and prayed.  Moses raised his arm as commanded and the seas exploded into action. The waters churned in response to the Divine will and parted enough for you and all of your new family to cross. Can you imagine the sound as you passed through? The sea spray hitting your face and the tremble of your heart as you witnessed the miracle? Can you imagine the feeling of knowing that the One who made the world also set you free? You could have stayed in Egypt but you didn’t. You kept moving past doubt and fear, one foot in front of the other.

I heard a midrash from Rabbi Brad Artson that said when the sea parted, two kinds of people crossed. One kind of person looked up and saw the clear sky. They walked on dry land. The other looked down and walked in mud. Be thankful for the life you have each and every day. We are here, together, and there will be many seas to cross.

I hope that you are walking on dry land this Pesach and that your coming Shabbat is full of rest and peace.


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