The Album, The Moment, and Sarah’s Laugh

So, last week was awesome! Saul and I hammered out the arrangements for every track on the album. We worked our tails off and the sound is everything I could have hoped for. I want this music to move you out of rough days into happy moments and to enhance happiness that is already there. I want this music to lift you up and stir conversations at the dinner table. I want this music to make you smile with your whole face. This is fearless, proud, spiritual music about celebrating life and each other. It’s a little folk, a little rock, a few ballads, and even liturgical melodies. These songs are inspired by conversion, encounters, midrash, and Torah. They are inspired by you and us. They are inspired by life.

I think it’s easy to lose sight of simple things. We get so wrapped up in our days that we can lose track of what is right here with us. How beautiful that we’re here together right now! How incredible is it that we have each other to be with? How awesome that we’re loved by our creator and that we have been given this life! We have a saying, “Hineni”. It means “I am here”. In Torah, when Gd calls out to Abraham and asks, “Where are you”, he isn’t asking for Abraham’s physical location. Gd is pretty aware of where he is. It’s Gd. Abraham responds with “Hineni”. I am here. He is saying that he is present and prepared. He is in the moment.

Life definitely gives us plenty of challenges and despite those trials, everything keeps moving forward. The past has already happened and the future is uncertain. We have this moment to experience and to improve our lives. Rabbi Brad Artson did a brilliant piece on the creation of the universe and in it, he reminds us how long it took to get to right now. Everything that has happened before has led to this. We should make the most of it. Whatever that is for you, I hope this music helps you to be lifted and to say, “hineni”.

As you know, we’ve been running a crowd funding campaign to raise money for the album. As of right now, we are still a hair over 14k from our goal. We have already paid for the pre-production on the album and now just need to pay for the next part – actually recording the tracks. Everything that we raise in the next ten days goes towards musicians, studio time, mixing, mastering, and CD production. We are close to bringing this music to you and to the rest of the world.

If you have not donated yet and would like to, please take a look at the campaign page in the link below and join us in making this music happen. Let’s make a Joyful Noise together!


A New Song:

In Torah, Gd tells Abraham that Sarah will have a child. Sarah laughs at how improbable this seems but does end up with a child. Sometimes miracles happen no matter how unlikely they seem. Everything has a time. This is a living room session for a song called “Sarah Laughed”. It will be on the album and is about miracles, time, and each of us. I hope it reminds you that YOU are a miracle, and maybe makes you laugh.




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