What happens now?

Unbroken Title

Our crowd-funding campaign has ended and now we’re on to the next leg of this adventure. Studio time! Soon I’ll be flying back to the City by the Bay to go into Fantasy Studios with the incredible Saul Kaye and lay down the tracks that will make up Unbroken. We’ll be rocking out for a solid week and putting together a collection of songs that will find you where you are and lift you up.

I am forever grateful for the outpouring of support this project has seen both inside and outside of the Jewish community. My Rabbi says that music has no boundaries or borders. He’s absolutely right and you really showed it. We’re going to make you proud.

Once the album is complete, we’ll be spending some solid time getting the message and the music out. Anyone who donated to the campaign fund gets the pre-release version of the album before it hits the market for the public and any cool perks they signed up for! Merchandise is also coming soon and I can’t wait to share the designs with you. Unbroken is coming your way.

Recently, we set up a live show at a fantastic place called Murder by Chocolate (website here) to share some of the music from the album. It’s an amazing space with fantastic coffee and desserts. If you are ever in the Clear Lake, TX area, I highly recommend it. A dear family friend, Michael Carducci (website here), wowed folks with some close up magic and an opening stage show before the music started. Michael is the Magic Mensch, as I call him. He is one of the kindest, warmest, most genuine individuals you could ever meet. He’s also the best magician I have ever seen! It was a great evening and we even raised some last minute funds for the album. To everyone who made it out to see the show, thank you! Your voices were beautiful.

Thank you for believing in this and and I hope you have an awesome week. More exciting information soon! Below is a link to three of the songs from the live show at Murder by Chocolate. Enjoy!




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