That Challah Recipe

Challah back, y'all!

Ok, folks! I have had so many requests for this recipe, so here it is. You have all week to prepare, so get that grocery shopping done and get ready to make some monster challah that will feed a lot of folks. There is a very spiritual component that goes into challah making and this post will only cover the recipe itself. The other part will be reserved for a separate post.

You will need:
2 big bowls
hot water
eggs (plus one for the coating later)
Salt (sea)
Kosher salt
Rapid rise yeast
7.5 to 8 cups of flour
A cooling rack

Get your oven warm to the very first setting. Not 200! We’re just trying to make it a little warm in there. Then turn it off and leave the door shut. Next, In one bowl only, add the following in this order:

1.5 cups of HOT water. Forget that warm nonsense. Turn up the heat on the faucet until it’s pretty hot. Not boiling, but hot.

1/2 cup of honey. Then add some more. You know you want to.

4 eggs

1 tablespoon of oil

1.5 teaspoons of salt

1 tablespoon of sugar. Then add some more. You know you want to.

2 tablespoons of rapid rise yeast. Yes, rapid rise yeast. Also, this is three packets if you use those.

NEXT! Add 5 cups of flour.

Stir that mess with an upside down spoon (the long kind). Stir it up until it is an absolute mess! Then add another cup of flour and stir. You will add around 7.5 – 8 cups. Do it in stages so you don’t over-flour it and only stir until it is together enough to knead. Then, get your hands in there and show it some love. Work it into a nice ball. It should be VERY sticky, just not gloopy. This takes about 5 minutes.

Next, set your amazing piece of work into a clean bowl (big plastic bowls are the best). Rub a drop of oil all over that dough ball, then cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Let it rise in your warm oven for 90 minutes.

Take a nap

Wake up when the timer sounds upset and then pull that stuff out. It’s going to be HUGE! Stretch your giant dough ball out on the counter (a little flour on the counter helps) and cut it in half. These are your two piece of challah. Braid each one however you like. There a million instructional videos for braiding challah.

Now get your BAKING sheet. Avoid standard cookie sheets. Get the good baking sheets with that little air pocket in the sheet. You will thank yourself. Oil that sheet up with some baking spray (oil+flour). Carefully set the braided, unbaked challah on the sheet and put it back into the warm oven for 30 minutes.

Take a nap.

When the timer is mad again, wake up and take those things out. They should be crazy huge by now. Set the oven to 325. Scramble an egg and using a brush, paint that challah with the egg. Paint it good!

Now grab kosher salt and show that paint job some love. Give the whole thing a gentle coating of delicious Kosher salty goodness. Pop it in the oven for 28 minutes.

Do not take a nap.

When the timer dings, open up the oven and check the bread with a bamboo skewer. If it comes out without dough chunks, you are done. Pull the challah out, get it off the sheet, and set those giant loaves on a cooling rack.

Guess what? You are done. Let it cool on the rack and enjoy your hard work. This is the good stuff, folks. It is so crazy sweet inside and a little salty on the outside. You’re going to love it. Save what is left for some out of this world French Toast.

So there it is! Our challah recipe. Enjoy!

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