The Real Deal


The full band days are wrapped! What an experience. These guys clearly love playing together and you can hear that in the sound we found. The energy they brought to every song and every prayer was beyond all of my expectations and hopes. On top of all of that, they were just amazing and inspiring individuals. We talked about prayer, the meaning and behind these songs, laughed (a lot), and made a joyful noise.

We knocked out seven songs the first day and three on the second. Thank goodness Saul has the ear he does! With his help, we kept finding opportunities to musically dial into the story behind each of these songs. In the film Hava Nagila, Reb Zalman talks about finding the prayer in a tune. Saul helped make that happen in the studio.

Now it’s on to vocals and then, the final stages. I am forever grateful to these guys for their talent, kindness, and the love they have for their craft. They really lifted tunes off the page and sent them up.

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