Like a Stone

Shabbat shalom!

I’m back from San Francisco and we’ve started on the editing process for the album.  What an amazing journey this has been so far. These songs, written after my conversion, really gained wings over the last two months thanks to a fantastic team. 15 songs of original Jewish music telling a story of love, change, and strength will be heading your way very soon.

While I was over there and soaking up that beautiful weather, I took walks most mornings. Usually these led to the Whole Foods down the block to satisfy my crazy cravings for coconut water but sometimes I just walked around. It was on one of those mornings that I spotted a guy walking across the street with an elderly woman on his arm. I thought maybe he was her son or something and it was a great site to see. A few moments later, I saw him again without her anywhere nearby. That’s when I realized that he was just helping her across the street and the day got that much brighter. I decided to tell him how I felt about it.

“I saw you helping that lady across the street,” I said. “That was awesome, man. That’s a mitzvah!” He laughed and nodded with a huge smile.

I shook his hand he said, “You have to do those where you find ’em”.

Right on. When you do good, you bring good into the world. You have to do mitzvot where you find them and if we spend a little time looking, they’re all around us. In addition to helping her cross the street, this guy lifted me up through his deed. He shared his light with others just by his actions and it was super bright. Our choices are like a stone thrown into a pond and the ripples spread wider than we even realize. I wish I had gotten that fella’s name.

Shabbat Shalom


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