Choosing to be Chosen

In a handful of days, I’ll be traveling up to the University of Hartford for NewCaje 6. There will be clergy, musicians, and educators from all over sharing the things they are passionate about and learning from each other. What a cool thing. I am super pumped to be sharing a stage with some incredible performers and also teaching a workshop called Choosing to be Chosen: What Seekers are Seeking. 

If you’ve talked with me, you know I can talk about conversion at the drop of a hat. It is something I am so very proud of. It’s a topic in almost every song I’ve written and to be able to tell that story while also sharing the stories of others is a huge honor. We’ll discuss what is bringing people to Judaism and what they are looking for.  If you are heading to NewCaje, stop in and check it out!

Have an incredible week and don’t forget to look up!

For information on NewCaje 6 – go HERE!

While you’re here, check out this awesome video from Lior Ben-Hur (who will also be there).  Find him, and his music, HERE.

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