A Brave New Year


It’s a new year and a time for good changes. We just transitioned from 5775 into 5776 and with that, asked forgiveness for our wrong doings. We made new pledges towards living better lives for ourselves and each other. We struggled with the things we’ve done and stood together singing, praying, and seeking renewal. We heard the shofar blast and felt it’s call to action and alertness.

I had the opportunity to spend the High Holy Days with three different communities this year and each one brought so much color and richness to the season. I’m extremely grateful for their trust. From the sound of a huge room of children blowing plastic shofars to the soothing songs of a healing service, these communities taught me a lot about connection. Thank you to the Rabbis, Cantors, lay leaders and communities of Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation Emanu El, and Congregation Shaar Hashalom!

Like most people, I have a list of things I plan on doing better this year. Deepening my connection to Gd, focusing on getting rid of my resistances, listening more than I talk, and recognizing that patience is as much a practice as it is a virtue. I am learning to slow down, breathe, and be more present.

Finally, to everyone who downloaded “Return” while it was available, thank YOU! Our CDs are arriving and we’ll be sending them out to everyone who pre-ordered the album or supported our Jewcer campaign. They will also be available at live shows and a few local Synagogues. Once we have satisfied all of our initial orders, we’ll set a public release date and send this puppy out into the world! Stay tuned for that release date.

Upcoming Events:

10/16/15: Private House Shabbat

10/18/15: Private House Concert

10/24/15 : Acoustic Concert, Jewish Federation of Brevard (www.jewishfederationbrevard.com) – Melbourne, FL.

11/04-11/08: URJ Biennial –  Orlando, FL.

Have a wonderful week!


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