Shine Your Light


Shine Cover


We are so excited to bring you a brand new song for this Festival of Lights. Featuring Lior Ben-Hur and produced by Saul Kaye, it’s a refreshing blend of sunshine and substance. “Shine” is about being fearless with your faith and being proud of exactly who are – because you are loved, beautiful, and stronger than you probably know.

So much of our religion and culture is associated with light. Shabbat candles, Havdalah, Chanukah, Ner Tamid, the burning bush, etc. Light is something exposed, not hidden. It is there for the world to see and, in Judaism, we are told to be a light unto the nations. On Chanukah, we set our candles in the window and physically show the world who we are. The festival only lasts eight days, but every year it reminds me that we can make that choice to shine every single day.

You’re a beautiful light and you’re crazy bright!

To download Shine, just click “download” in the player below and you’ll be taken to our Bandcamp page. The song is there for the taking! It will be available and free all through Chanukah. Or, you can just click HERE.


Check out the video!

For more on Lior Ben-Hur. go check out his website at :

Check out Saul Kaye, the Pioneer of Jewish Blues, right here:

Chag Sameach!




  1. Just watched .. with big beaming (crazy) bright smile on my face…wow! Splendid enjoyable sweetly serene and swingin’ tune..Mazel Tov once again Joe! So well timed your release and beautiful uplifting message when the lights feel to be dimming on the world around. Thank you so much for sharing your blessed talents and music and inspiration with us. Keepsgoin, bro.

    Love and Latkes… -Rog (via mobile email) ======================



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