Keep Shining!


Over the course of Chanukah, we were giving away free downloads of Shine from the Bandcamp page. The response to the song was incredible and it felt so good to share new Chanukah music. Although it was written for the festival of lights, the message of the song is that you can choose to shine every day. Every day, we can be the chanukiah in the window.

Rabbi David Wolpe said, “The shamash is the candle that lights the others. Be a shamash.”

With that in mind, we are going to do something that was inspired by Facebook. My dear friend and producer, Saul Kaye, put out a brand new Havdalah setting (which is amazing, by the way) with proceeds going towards the Anthony Robbins foundation – Basket Brigade.  I did some studying and this place is amazing! They do so much good for so many and are extremely well rated.

So, in that same light, we are going to continue making “Shine” available through this whole holiday season. The only difference is that you can pay whatever you want for it and all of the proceeds from the song will go to the  Anthony Robbins Foundation.  So if you haven’t already downloaded the song – go get it! You can name your own price for the song and 100% of the profits will go to this great charity all the way until January 1st.  Just click on the banner no the right that looks like this:

keep shining

In other news, we are gearing up for the public release of the new album, Unbroken! Stay tuned for the official release date and the first single, “Home”.

I’m also very proud to announce that in addition to the Institute of Southern Jewish Life, I’ll now be working with Pomegranate Programming as one of their artists! Pomegranate Programming  provides awesome program options for communities all over the US.  Check out their website and see what they can do for your community.

So there you go! No matter what you believe or who you are, you can make that choice to be a light. Chanukah may be over but that doesn’t mean we stop shining. Like Rabbi Neal Katz says, “Be a light. Be a light. Shine proudly and loudly in the dark of the night”. The beautiful thing about doing good is that you bring more good into the world.  Enjoy the song and stay tuned for the public release date of the full-length album, “Unbroken”.

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