Shalom Aleichem

Slide guitars, a roaring B3, and that classic shuffle train drum powers the engine for this rendition of “Shalom Aleichem”. The second single from Unbroken, this is definitely a song that evolved a great deal from concept to recording.

I was recently interviewed on Shirim Radio and asked about where the songwriting process starts and with liturgical pieces, it always starts with the intention. What is the prayer or poem saying, how does it resonate, and what does it mean? For Shalom Aleichem, the concept of welcoming in the Angels was so intense. To go through the week and collect so much dust and then reach this point where we gather, around our table or community or wherever, and say “Peace unto you, ministering angels, messengers of the Most High, the Holy One, blessed be He.” We have that moment where we really start to let go of the week and re-center ourselves.

So the goal was to sonically create that intention and feeling. That’s where this Shalom Aleichem came from and this is where it wound up. As an interesting side note, the jam at the end was very organic and we wanted everyone to have room to stretch musically and really add their intention to the song. This the result and I hope you enjoy it.

You can stream and purchase the song at the Bandcamp link below and we are also streaming it on SoundCloud.



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