Happy Chanukah, Y’all!


Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish brothers and sisters! May the lights we light be a reminder of strength, miracles, and choosing to be Chosen. May they shine brighter each night, illuminating all we see. To all those who celebrate Christmas, may the joy of the season bring you smiles, warmth, and connection. Today and everyday, we get to make choices that affect how we view ourselves and the rest of the world. Choices that help or harm, build or destroy, lift up or push down ourselves and others. Be a builder, be a helper, and be a lifter. Be a light.

2016 has been an amazing year and I can’t say thank you enough times for all the support you’ve given to me, this music, and it’s message. So, since I can’t SAY it enough – how about we show it? Right now, everything in the Family Store is 40% off through January 1st, 2017. YEP! Just in time for Chanukah, you can order CDs, get digital downloads, pick up a shirt, etc. All you have to do is enter the code “unbroken” at check out. You can also share that code with anyone you like! I hope the music makes you smile and that it does some good.

As for Chanukah itself, we just released a song called “Shine” on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere else that awesome music lives. It’s available in the family store and the official music video is below! The song was originally meant to be on “Unbroken” but due to time constraints, we had to leave it off. Thankfully – all that waiting paid off! We were able to bring in the incredible Lior Ben-Hur and release the right song. I hope you enjoy the tune!

New Jewish music is alive and well on Jewish Rock Radio! I just started hosting a brand new show called “The Emerging Artist Showcase” and the focus is on bringing you some of the best new Jewish music around. You can find out more about the show at http://www.jewishrockradio.com


Light your Chanukah Candles this week with Jewish Rock Radio! JRR will light the candles with blessings led by some of your favorite Jewish Rock Radio artists at 5PM in all time zones every night. On Shabbat, candle lighting will be at 4:15PM on Friday night and 5:40PM on Saturday night. Stream it at http://www.jewishrockradio.com or on the smartphone app!


Chanukah on Spotify! 

We created a playlist just for YOU! Our team’s picks for some of the best Chanukah music around. Well…Chanukah music and songs perfect for Chanukah! However you spell it, stream it for free on Spotify.


Finally, we are getting ready to get back on the road for a 2017 tour! More info on that coming soon. If you are interested in getting your community, event, camp, or festival on the tour – reach out to us on the Booking or Contact page above!

Wishing you all the very best for all your celebrations during this time of light, joy, and life.



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