The Shoulder - NOtes from the side of the road

The Second Album! 


The train has pulled out of the station and we are flying down the track! I am so proud to announce that we are officially crowdfunding album #2. The reception for Unbroken was more than we could have expected and in the time since its release, I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel to different communities all over the US and pray and sing with folks from every walk of life. I've seen people from multiple faiths come together around the commonality in spirituality and in simply being together. Our time together has been inspiring and I can't thank you enough for all of the tremendous support. 

During all of that travel, a ton of songs and prayer settings have been written and we are all set to finally make Album #2. I'll be back working with producer Saul Kaye and heading into the studio in May to bring to life this full-length collection of original, Jewish Americana. 

Together again in studio!

Proud to be working again with my holy brother and dear friend, Saul Kaye!

These are songs to gather by, to bring folks together, and add more chairs to the table. Since my conversion to Judaism, I found that there is more that binds us than separates us and this music reflects so much about those discoveries. They are songs for the good times, the hard times, and the times between.  Songs about struggle and celebration. I hope you join us in getting the album made and I can't wait to welcome you onto the team. 


If you want to join the "street" team, the best way to help spread the word on the album is to do exactly that - spread the word! Share it on Facebook, email folks that might be interested, and if we've spent time together - please feel free to share it with your community if you feel comfortable. I know the goal is high but I absolutely believe we can reach it and build something incredible together.  

We are also booking for 2018 still and if you'd like to get together for an Artist in Residence weekend, Shabbat service, or concert - let me know! I'd love to pray with you. 

Finally, the latest episode of the Emerging Artist Showcase is out and you can check it out on Jewish Rock Radio (! We air every Monday at 11AM Central  and every Thursday at 7PM Central. Featuring artist from a wide range of musical stylings, this show is all about the new artists who are absolutely rocking the Jeiwsh music world. The best part is - you don't have to be Jewish to dig good music. :) So check out the show and feel free to reach out and let me know what you think! 

Great music from great folks!

Thank you so much for being here, for your support, and just being exactly who you are. I'm glad that we share a lifetime and I'm looking forward to seeing you on the road in 2018.




Welcome to the New Website!  

Welcome to the new website! It's been an amazing year full of prayer with communities all across these great United States and here at the end of the 2017 tour, I could not be more excited to launch this new site. I hope that you find it useful, easy to navigate, and full of what you came here for. If, for any reason, it isn't - just let me know. I'm very open to feedback and would love to hear from you. Just check out the "Contact Us" page to reach out. 

Our last date for 2017 was in the stunning community of Temple Beth Emeth in Mt. Sinai, NY.  A concert that ended in a circle of friends, new and old, all singing our hearts out. To come into such close contact with folks and spend holy time together is wonderful. We share a lifetime with amazing people that we hopefully have the chance to cross paths with. I want to shake as many hands as I can in the time I have left, however long that may be. We're working on a tribute video showing some of the incredible communities I've had the opportunity to shake hands with and can't wait to share it with you. 

Judaism continues to be an ever expanding study and the people who lift the Torah high enough for the world to see continue to be an inspiration. I couldn't be happier being home and while we fight like family sometimes, it's a holy discussion and as long as we still toast each other, we'll be in good shape. If you're interested in the story about the journey home, there was a great article published in the Forward and you can read it here: Jewish Convert Explores Faith and Belonging Through Country Music

So much is coming up soon and 2018 is shaping up to be another amazing year. There is a new album in the works, new tour dates to announce, music videos in production, and some brand new merchandise being developed. None of this would be coming into the world if it wasn't for your incredible support and response to the music. 

So here on this Shabbat, I want to leave you with a video taken in McAllen, TX. When folks ask me about the Americana Shabbat service I lead, they often ask what album versions of prayers sound like in a service setting. In particular, my setting to "Shalom Aleichem", the prayer we say to welcome in the Angels. The album version has a ton of B3, Slide Guitar, etc. It's a pretty rocking track. However, the prayer service version is a little different from the concert version. So here is a video of Shalom Aleichem featuring Carly Abramson and James Platt. I hope it makes you smile. 

Tread gently in the lives of others and remember to sing.  


- Joe