Joe Buchanan is an Americana singer-songwriter from Houston, TX who converted to Judaism and found his voice in the values, history, and Torah of the Jewish people. He has since written an album, toured around the US, and shared a love of this new life through music. Combining elements of country, roots-rock, and folk, Joe’s music reaches deep to tell personal stories of struggle and triumph. This is feel-good, toe-tapping, Americana with a Jewish Soul.

From Shabbat services to concerts, Buchanan visits communities across the United States and shared a love of Judaism, prayer, and connection to GD and each other.

His debut album, Unbroken,  is filled with music that speaks to the incredible beauty of finding a home after a lifetime of searching. Produced by The Pioneer of Jewish Blues, Saul Kaye (www.saulkaye.com), and recorded live off the floor at the world famous Fantasy Studios, Unbroken is 14 tracks of Jewish Americana that you can crank up to 18. Read more about the album HERE.

Contact Information:

Book Joe today for an engaging live show, festival, or a lively Friday Night Shabbat service that will have your whole congregation making a joyful noise! Click below to find out more about what he can do for your community, festival, or event.



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