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“We need more music like this, uplifting, inspiring.” – KC Porter, Producer and three time Grammy winner.

“If you don’t have ‘Unbroken’ yet, you need to get it! Aside from the music and the lyrics being both beautiful and spiritual, they helped me through a difficult time in my life. Joe Buchanan is a very special soul.” – Gay – Niskayuna, New York

“Joe has amazing energy and a great voice! I look forward to seeing what’s next!” – Rabbi/Cantor Robbi Sherwin of Sababa

“Those of us (plus a few hundred others) who heard his joyous music at the URJ Biennial are anxiously waiting to hear him again” – Rabbi Kogan, McAllen

“When Joe sings, every song becomes a prayer.” – Phyllis, Houston, TX

“Joe Buchanan brings wonderful enthusiasm and musicality to our prayers.” – Loren, Wayne, NJ

“You can’t help but be uplifted by listening to the sweet songs and lovely lyrics played with true heart by Joe!” – Roger, Clear Lake, TX

“Wonderful, meditative, and ruach filled!” – KB – St. Louis, MO

“Joe Buchanan is one seriously holy and connected brother” – Chava –  Seattle, WA

“I’m still on a spiritual high” – Isabell, McAllen, TX