“Joe Buchanan is forging into the uncharted territory that is Judaic Americana music. Listen to the Jewish convert from Texas and you can hear the soul in every note he sings.” – Atlanta Jewish Times


Friday Night Shabbat

Bring it home with a service that is intimate, engaging, and full of ruach! This Friday night service incorporates new and original melodies that highlight the beauty in our day of rest. Customized for every community, this prayer service is suitable to large congregations and home settings alike. Have me over for an evening of prayer, song, and peace. Let’s make a joyful noise!


Get the community together for an engaging live acoustic show featuring new tunes and songs from my original album of Jewish music, Unbroken. Stomp your foot and clap your hands to some Americana with a Jewish soul. Perfect as a follow up to Havdalah or anytime.

House Concerts:

Call your friends, gather ‘em up, and fill a cup! Your living room was made for this! Bring me home (literally) for an evening of song, storytelling, and a real good time. Hear music from the debut album, along with several new, unreleased tunes. It’s an up close and personal evening full of music and community.

Adult and Teen Education:

Choosing to be Chosen: What Seekers are Seeking

Utilizing a blend of music and conversation, this workshop focuses on some of the key areas that are drawing people to Judaism and how we can best respond. I’ll share my own story of conversion, what it means to come home to Judaism, and some of my own music that highlights and explores these areas. Find out what is drawing people, what they want, their challenges, and how to not push them out

Artist in Residence Weekends

This is a full weekend of music and tefillah! I will work with you to put together a lively Friday night service, Saturday programming for youth and community, and a Havdalah concert to close out the week with song. We’ll also have a Sunday song session with your school!

What Are People Saying?

“Joe Buchanan has fused Judaic devotional and secular Americana music in a way that is bound to appeal to diverse audiences of all faiths. He brings a fresh, joyous enthusiasm for the faith journey that has inspired him, and by doing so, inspires the listener, too.” – Kathleen, Dayton, OH

“I am thrilled to listen to Joe Buchanan play and sing the variety of songs he has performed at our synagogue. His spirit shines through every time. Joe’s enthusiasm is very contagious as his audience, both young and not-as-young, readily join in. Joe is full of talent and soul and never fails to make me smile.”  – Nancy, Clear Lake, TX

“When Joe sings, every song becomes a prayer.” – Phyllis, Houston, TX

“You can’t help but be uplifted by listening to the sweet songs and lovely lyrics played with true heart by Joe…whether tunes you recognize from other artists or the amazing accumulating stockpile of his original beautiful compositions. Joe is warming souls like a nice hot bowl of chicken soup and matzo balls. Wait til you get a ladle full of his music…you’ll want more and more!” – Roger, Clear Lake, TX

“Joe has amazing energy and a great voice! I look forward to seeing what’s next!” –  Rabbi-Cantor Robbi Sherwin of Sababa

“Joe Buchanan brings wonderful enthusiasm and musicality to our prayers.” – Loren, Wayne, NJ

“Wonderful, meditative, and ruach filled!” – KB, St. Louis

“Joe Buchanan is one seriously holy and connected brother” – Chava –  Seattle, WA

“The next big thing in Americana Jewish music.” – Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin, Executive Director at Aleph – Alliance for Jewish Renewal


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