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Growing up in Houston, TX, I never knew much about the Jewish people or their beliefs, despite living near the largest conservative synagogue in the country. I never saw a Star of David, had a Jewish friend (that I knew of), or heard anyone talk about Judaism or the Jewish people. When I started conversion, I was stunned at just how in the dark I had been. Where had this been my whole life? There are such powerfully positive messages in our beliefs, so much healing, and a well of endless inspiration for living a joyful life. I wanted to create music that would add more chairs to the table, share what we're about with the world, and highlight the good we can do together. 

One of the most incredible things about making music has been how folks have opened up about their struggles in faith, relationships, or with their Jewish experience, and how a song or a service helped them find some healing. It's always an honor to hear that something I made did some good for someone and those personal moments have had such an impact on me as an artist. 

This new music is heavily inspired by the joy in being together and in those quiet moments where we find connection to others, to God, and to ourselves. It's music you could hear in a synagogue or in a backyard with good friends. They're songs that open the door and it's an absolute celebration. I can't wait for you to hear it.

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