Every week we have the chance to reset and reconnect. Shabbat arrives, no matter how ready we are and the opportunity presents itself. Making the most of that is up to us and each week concludes with another chance. I love Shabbat. I love the spiritual surprise of it and I love to spend it with people gathered up in song and prayer to the One above to whom all praise is due. 

Because of Covid-19, all of our gatherings have had the brakes put on them and while we can't gather in person, we've found new ways to be together. Zoom, YouTube and Facebook Live, etc. So we created "Tableside Shabbat".  I wanted to find a way to bring prayer services to anyone looking for one and of course, do it our way. This is a laid back night of prayer and if you join us on our Facebook Page (link below), you'll meet an incredible community of folks just waiting to virtually shake your hand. We go live every Friday night at 8pm Central and if I'm booked somewhere else, I'll be sure to have a service shared to the page for you from a community I know. 

So below are some of the melodies we use and below that is the first draft of our Siddur for your downloading pleasure. I don't claim to be an expert on anything so I made sure to pass it through more than a few sets of eyes. It'll keep being worked as we go but right now, it's just the basics. I hope you enjoy it all and I hope to see you at the table. Cheers! 

Shabbat Videos

The Tableside Shabbat Siddur