Joe Who?

Photo by Steven Irwin Jr

Texas-born and southern-raised, Joe Buchanan makes country music that is steeped in Torah.  . Grounded in the idea that there is always room at the table, Joe's music highlights the values, Torah, and history of the Jewish people to deliver stories steeped in the struggle and triumph of the human spirit, all while praising Gd for the goodness in life. 

Raised with one foot in Houston and one in the Texas Hill Country, Joe grew up swinging off ropes on the Frio River and spending time like any kid - trying to figure out what was what. The biggest question was about Gd and despite a deep belief in a creator, he couldn't find much that he agreed with in what he was hearing. The struggle led to more struggles and he finally decided that he and Gd would sort it out later. 

Then one day, about 13 years into his marriage, Joe found out that his wife was Jewish.  Now, with the discovery of his wife's heritage, their family started down a path that would change everything. From the first class and a million questions to the mikvah and beyond, Judaism answered every spiritual question and brought an incredible amount of healing. There is one Gd, we can see Gd in the world and in others, we are going to struggle - that's ok, we are not damaged goods by any means, and this is the life that matters because this is the one we've been given. Amen. 

After joining the Tribe, Joe released his debut album, Unbroken, and in 2020 released his second album, Back From Babylon.  

In the ten years since his conversion, this Jewish country artist from Houston, TX has truly found his voice in the history, Torah, and values of the Jewish people. He's toured the United States, leading an original Shabbat service, playing concerts, and giving a workshop called "Choosing to be Chosen" which is all around his conversion to Judaism and the reasons why so many are coming home. 

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