His incredible musical gifts are matched by his deep compassion and love for all humankind.”

— Rabbi Ruz Gulko

Joe Buchanan

Jewish Country Artist. Prayer Leader. Seeker.

Texas born and southern raised, Joe Buchanan makes Country/Americana music that is steeped in Torah. A convert to Judaism, he grew up struggling with religion and his place in the world. Then, one day outside of the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and 13 years into their marriage, his wife told him that she was Jewish. An exploration of faith led the way home for the whole family and kicked off a whirlwind of songwriting and study, ultimately leading to Joe's debut album - Unbroken. 

Since then, he's toured the U.S., leading an original Shabbat service, concerts, and workshops. Joe also serves as an artist in residence for communities, guiding an entire weekend of prayer and song. He's been featured at numerous conferences and festivals, as well as synagogues and venues across this great land. The goal of his music is to help drive connection to what connects us all and to hold the door for other seekers.  His newest album is Back From Babylon.

Back From Babylon

Back from babylon

The New Album From Joe Buchanan

When the album "Unbroken" was released in 2015, it was a story told through song.  An exploration of faith led to the creation of an honest collection of new Jewish Americana music about coming home. 


If "Unbroken" was about coming home, "Back From Babylon" is about the struggle you find when you get there and the moments that tie us together. 


This is country like you remember it. Southern roots forward, stories that dig deep, and a little bit of honky-tonk. With inspiration from the Torah and his South Texas upbringing, this sophomore album from Joe Buchanan speaks right to the heart.

Back from Babylon Selections

Back From Babylon - Press Release

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Photo by Steve Irwin Jr

Photo by Steve Irwin Jr


Photo by Steven Irwin Jr

Photo by Steven Irwin Jr

Photo by Steven Irwin Jr

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