The Small Town Tribe (Our Official Supporter Team)

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Welcome to The Small Town Tribe! 

Early on in this pandemic, my wife and I sat down to discuss what we could do to help more folks and support more communities during the road ahead. We knew we needed to do as much good as we could, right away. We built a "Pay what you can" model for bookings and started streaming free, live musical Shabbat and Havdalah services on our Facebook Page. We also started making free videos for communities who needed additional content for their social media, newsletters, or sites. 

In the midst of all that, a community started to pop up on our Facebook Page. A few of them knew each other but many were meeting for the first time during live streams. They got to know each other and started welcoming people to the services. The group grew and started hosting Friday Night Onegs on Zoom after services. It's been amazing to see and incredibly heartwarming. 

Long story short, they started asking me about doing a Patreon or other subscription service to help support the work we were doing. So here we are! 

I'm proud to offer this opportunity for folks and we've worked to build out some really nice offerings at each tier level. No matter what level you decide to join, you'll be helping us do so much more. We'll be able to create more content, higher-quality videos, music videos, more music, and have a greater outreach. 

I appreciate you stopping by to check this out and I hope you find a level that works for you! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out through our contact page.