1. Sing

From the recording Unbroken

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Copyright (c) 2015 Joe Buchanan
from Unbroken, released May 20, 2016
Copyright (c) 2015 Joe Buchanan

Produced by Saul Kaye
Mixed by Jamieson Durr
Mastered by Ken Lee
Recorded at Barron Studios in Houston, TX

Joe Buchanan: Vocals, Guitar
Saul Kaye: Lap Steel
all rights reserved


We were made to walk through life in hand
To build our lives together with the land
To make a home, a welling for our dreams
To love each other and remember to sing

Shiru, Shiru L’Adonai (x4)

We’re all born of love, and light, and Joy
Every girl and every boy
Just beneath the Angels we were made
What a precious gift, this gift that Gd gave

Shiru, Shiru L’Adonai (x4)

Shiru, Shiru L’Adonai (x4)