1. Return

From the recording Unbroken

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from Unbroken, released May 20, 2016
Copyright (c) 2015 Joe Buchanan

Produced by Saul Kaye
Mixed by Jamieson Durr
Mastered by Ken Lee
Recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA

Joe Buchanan: Vocals, Guitar
Elana Jagoda Kaye: Vocals
Saul Kaye: Vocals, Guitar, Lap Steel
Russ Gold: Drums, Hand Percussion
Greg Sankovich: Keys, Hammond B3, Rhodes
Dan Feiszli: Bass, Stand Up Bass
all rights reserved


will take a long look at me
And think about what it is I see
Have I been good to you?
Did I do all that I said I’d do?

Remembering the words I’ve used
Thinking about the times I was rude
If I am thankful for this gift
Let me say it with deeds, not just lips

It’s going to be a brave new year
Starting right now, right here
And I will be strong and stand up tall
Reach out for others when they fall

And I will rejoice in my faith
And remember that love is why we’re made
Be the very best that I can be
For the world and for me

Every day, we live our lives
Some days we let ourselves slide
And we forget our way
Thankfully it’s not too late

Avinu Malkeinu, Choneinu V’aneinu
I may have done wrong at times I know
But through my actions I will show

Teshuva….Teshuva….Return….Return (x2)
Teshuva….Teshuva….Return….Return (x2)

Copyright (c) 2015 Joe Buchanan