From the recording Unbroken

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Copyright (c) 2015 Joe Buchanan
from Unbroken, released May 20, 2016
Copyright (c) 2015 Joe Buchanan

Produced by Saul Kaye
Mixed by Jamieson Durr
Mastered by Ken Lee
Recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA

Joe Buchanan: Vocals, Guitar
Saul Kaye: Vocals, Guitar, Lap Steel
Russ Gold: Drums, Hand Percussion
Greg Sankovich: Keys, Hammond B3, Rhodes
Dan Feiszli: Bass, Stand Up Bass
all rights reserved


Come on back, to your Father’s truth
And return, to the holy root
Come on back, to the wisdom of home
And realize that you’re not alone

Shine your light, like your mother said
For you were there, when we were led
There’s a path for us all to see
Just grab that lamp that’s at your feet

Eytz Chaim hi, La-macha-zikim bah
V’tom-cheha me-ushar

You can hear it, in the breeze
A story written in the leaves
Though those branches may wind and weave
It’s a tree of life, Eytz Chaim

(Chorus x2)

So come inside and find a seat
We’ll light those lights that usher peace
You can feel it in your bones
That growing song that calls you home

(Chorus x2)