1. We Are Here

From the recording Unbroken

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From Unbroken, released May 20, 2016
Copyright (c) 2015 Joe Buchanan

Produced by Saul Kaye
Mixed by Jamieson Durr
Mastered by Ken Lee

Joe Buchanan: Vocals, Guitar
all rights reserved


How far would you walk to find your home?
Some of us have been out walking far too long.
Seeking and asking and breathing in all the air.
Torah, the end of our long walk here.

Guard my tongue from disaster
I don’t want to be separate no more.
Make my words a prayer.
I am here.

The rain is gone now and so are all the lies.
No longer bruised and wounded are our lives.
Seekers, we are, just clinging to the Tree.
Through each other we will help keep each other free.

Guard our tongues from disaster.
We don’t want to be separate no more.
Gd, make our words a prayer.
We are here.
We are here.

Copyright (c) 2015 Joe Buchanan