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The prayer said by Moses in Numbers 12:13 for his sister, Miriam. Ana El Na Refa Na La. Meditative and reflective, this is a prayer for healing. The words say "I beseech you, Gd, please heal her".

released September 11, 2017
Copyright (c) 2017 Joe Buchanan (ASCAP)

Guitar and vocals: Joe Buchanan
Violins: William Stewart
Dobro: Toby Wilson

Mastered with Landr
license - all rights reserved


Ana El Na Refa Na La

The time has come for helping hands
And beating hearts throughout the land
To reach out and try to understand

People need the you and me
That we always hoped we'd be
The ones that help others to stand

We don't need no shaking fists
Just open hands cause love exists
So just take mine and we'll help good persist

Cause we've only got just this life
It's you and me, here tonight
So let's gather up and hold on tight

Ana El Na Refa Na La
Refuah Shlema